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Stuntmen learn to fall in such a manner that they can roll out of a fall and spread the energy of the impact to avoid injury. Many stuntmen learn this skill through martial arts techniques, and specifically through the art of Jujitsu.

This martial art was originally developed by ancient Japanese warriors as a defensive technique in battle when they had fallen from their horses. It uses the opponents energy in attack to deflect the force and turn it to their advantage. We should regard the ground as the opponent and use these techniques to help fall more safely.

It is clear when attending equine events that many riders do not have the skills to fall well. Many injuries are potentially preventable. So how do riders learn to fall better?

What is a safe falls course?

Using the combined knowledge of Orthopaedic surgery, Trauma care and Jujitsu we have developed a course to teach riders to develop techniques to reduce injury rates when they fall. The course builds on simple low velocity falls onto mats into faster and higher energy impacts. It is designed to build muscle memory so that in the split second riders have when they fall appropriate positions can be made to allow good tuck and roll techniques. The course is fun and through careful coaching and encouragement all individuals can benefit. Riders of all ages and abilities can learn these useful techniques. We have learnt that through these lessons riders can not only develop more confidence but also help to build better core strength and coordination helping them progress in the sport.

Learn The Basics

Learn The Basics

First we will demonstrate the techniques and teach you the basics of falling correctly.
Build Confidence

Build Confidence

Then through repetition of these drill we can help build confidence and muscle memory to the techniques.
Increased Height

Increased Height

After some muscle memory is developed we then begin to add height to the falls to start to simulate actual falls.
High Velocity

High Velocity

The final stage of the course is to add speed to the previous stages and simulate a full fall.

Our Team

Our passionate team have a diverse knowledge and skill set which allows them to deliver our Safe Falls course effectively.

Mr Michael Eames

MD FRCS (TR & Orth)

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon


Gary Spence

Martial Arts Specialist


Fiona Fitzgibbon

BsC Equine Managment

International Event Rider & Coach

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